Who – Cut My Hair tab


Capo on 3d fret
Chords (with capo):
Fmaj7/G            3 8 10 9 x x              G (E5)        355xxx or 3557xx
G7                 3 8 9 7 3 3               G6 (E6)       375xxx
Em/G               3 7 9 7 3 3               F (D)         xx356x or xx3565
Am/G               3 7 7 5 3 3               C (A)         x3555x or x35557
G11                3 5 7 5 3 3               Eb (C)        365343
C                  x 3 5 5 5 x               Bb (G)        6x3366
                                             Gm7           353363 or 3x3333
                                             Am7           575585 or 5x5555
                                             E7            x7675x

[Intro] Fmaj7 G7 Em/G Am/G |---------7-8-10-8-7-8-7-----------------------------||-8----------------------10-8------5-6-8-------------||----------------------------------------5-7-9-9-----||----------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------|
G11 G C |------------------------------------||-----------8-1088-----8-------------||-7----------------9-----------------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------|
Fmaj7 G7 Em/G Am/G Why should I care if I ... G11 G C I've got to move with the ... I know I should fight but my old ... Bb C Bb C Bb F Bb C Zoot suit, white jacket ... Bb C Bb C Bb F Bb G I'm out on the street .... F G F G F F C F G7 I'm dressed right for a beach ...
F Eb Bb Fmaj7Why that un-certain feeling is ...|--------17-17-15---15-15---13-------13------13-15----||----------------18------------16---------16----------|
Fmaj7 G7 Em/G Am/G |----------19-20------------19-20----||---------------20---------------20--||------------------------------------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------|
G11 G C |---------------------|-------------------||-18-17-17---15--17---|-13--8--5---1--0---||---------------------|-------------------||---------------------|-------------------||---------------------|-------------------||---------------------|-------------------|
The kids at school have parents that ... [chorus]
Fmaj7 G7 Em/G Am/G |-------19-20----------15/13-12-13-||------------20--------------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------|
G11 G C |-13-15---------12/13---------------||-------13/15----------15/17-15-13--||-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------|
C G Why do I have to ... Gm7 F Just to earn the respect of .. G Gsus G G7 We have the same old .. D A Why do I have to ... Am7 G Of kids that hardly ... A D/A A I have to work myself to ... Fmaj7/G G7 I'm coming .... Em/G Am/G Got home on the very first ... G11 E7 Am My dad just left for work.... Fmaj7/G G7 Em/G Am/G It's all a game, 'cos .... G11 E7 Am My fried egg makes me sick first thing .....
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