Who – Helpless Dancer chords

E E Am D :E When a man is running from his boss who holds a gun that fires "cost"
E Am D :E And people die from being old or left alone because they're cold
E And bombs are dropped on fighting
Am D E cats and children's dreams are run with rats
E Am D E If you complain you disappear just like the lesbians and queers
E E Am D E E Am D E: {acoustic in}
E E E E E Am Am D E No one can love without the grace of some unseen and distant face
E E E E Am Am D E And you get beaten up by blacks who though they work still got the sack
E E E E Am Am D E And when your soul tells you to hide your very right to die's denied
E E E E Am Am D E And in the battle on the streets you fight computers and receipts
E E E E :Am Am D E And when a man is trying to change it only causes further pain
{acoustic out}
E E E E Am Am D D You realize that all along something in us going wrong
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