Who – Sensation tab

Eiv    006454 (chorus)
A(no3) x02255 (chorus)
D/A    x04232 (chorus)
A7     x02223 (chorus)
A7sus4 x02233
F#     xx8676 (bridge)
C#     x4666x (bridge)
D7     xx0535 (bridge)
G/D    xx0433 (bridge)
E      xx21xx (verse 3) (alt. live) xxx454 
Esus4  0222xx (verse 3) (alt. live) xxx455 

[INTRO; main pattern] D Dsus4||----2-----3-------||||------3---3--3----||||.-------2-2----2-.||||.-0-------0------.||||------------------||||------------------||
[VERSE] D Dsus4 D Dsus4I overwhelm as I approach youD Dsus4 D C C/B |C/A C/B |CMake your lungs hold breath inside |--------------------------------| |-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3--| |-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0--| |---2-----2-----2-----2-----2----| |-3-----2-----0-----2-----3------| |--------------------------------|
D Dsus4 D Dsus4 D Dsus4 D Lovers break caresses for me. Love enhanced when I've gone...
| C C/B | C/A C/G | A7sus4 Asus4 | A5 || by...|-------------------------||-----3-----3-----3-----3-||-----0-----0-----0-----0-||---2-----2-----2-----2---||-3-----2-----0-----------||-------------------3-----|
[CHORUS] A(no3rd) Eiv D D A Eiv D D You'll feel me coming. A new vibration. A(no3rd) Eiv D D E E7 From afar you'll see me. I'm a sensation. A A7 I'm a sensation. D Dsus4 D Dsus4 They worship me and all I touch. D Dsus4 D C C/B | C/A C/B | C | Hazy-eyed, they catch my glance. D Dsus4 D Dsus4 Pleasant shudders shake their senses. D Dsus4 D C C/B | C/A C/G | A Asus4 | A | My warm momentum throws their stance. [Repeat CHORUS] [BRIDGE] F# C# D Dsus4|D7 G/D Soon you'll see me. Can't you feel me? I'm coming. F# C# D | Send your troubles dancing, I know the answer. I'm coming. |E A I'm coming. I'm a sensation.
[VERSE 3] E Esus4 E Esus4I leave a trail of rooted peopleE Esus4 E D D/C# |D/B D/C# |DMesmerized by just the sight. |-------------------------------| |-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-| |-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-| |---4-----4-----4-----4-----4---| |-5-----4-----2-----4-----5-----| |-------------------------------|
[Same riff as before except now in D. Barre 2nd fret and manipulate 4th finger and 3rd finger.] |-2-----0-----0-----0-----0---0-| |-3-----2-----0-----2-----3---3-| |-2-----2-----2-----2-----2---2-| |-0-----0-----0-----0-----0---0-| |-------------2-----------------| |-------------------------------| [alternate riff from stage versions]
E Asus2 E Asus2 The few I've touched now are disciples. E Asus2 E ||:D D/C# | D/B D/C :|| Love as one. I am the light.
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