Who – Tommy Can You Here Me tab

This song is the song tommy can you here me? from the incredible tommy album. 

[Dropped D tuning: tune 6th down 1 step to D (DADGBE)]
G    x20003
C    x32013
F    x33211
Bb   x1333x
Em   x22000
Am   x02210
D    000232

||: G    G/C   G     C/G C/G :||

G             C    G    C/G C/G
Tommy can you hear me?
G               C    G    C/G C/G
Can you feel me near you?
F             Bb  F
Tommy can you see me?
Em            Am    Em
Can I help to cheer you?
     D      D     D     D
Ooh, Tommy. Tommy Tommy Tommy

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