Who - I Cant Explain Live tab

from live at leeds

E     x799xx and 022xxx and 022100
D     x577xx
A     x02255 and x022xx
B     x2444x and x244xx
C#m   x4(t)665(4)

Note: Generic live version, with leads transcribed from Live at Leeds
reissue version. Leads and patterns are approximate.

[intro and main pattern w/variations] |E D D |A E E ||:E D D |A E E :|||-----------|5-----------||-0----2-2----|------------|||-----------|5-----------||-0----3-3----|------------|||9----7-7---|2-----9-9---||.1----2-2----|2----------.|||9----7-7---|2-----9-9---||.2----0-0---x|2-----2-2--.|||7----5-5---|0-----7-7---||-2----------0|0-----2-2---|||-----------|------------||-0-----------|------0-0---||
||:E D D |A E E :||x3 Got a feeling inside (Can't explain) It's a certain kind (Can't explain) I feel hot and cold (Can't explain) |E D D |B E E | Yeah, down in my soul, yeah (Can't explain) |E D D |A E E | I said... (Can't explain) |E D D |A E | I'm feeling good now, yeah, but... (Can't explain)
|E D D |A E E | Dizzy in the head and I'm feeling bad(Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh...)|----0--------2---------|--------------------||----0--------3---------|--------------------||-------------2---------|2-------------------||2------------0---------|2-------------------||2----------------------|0-------------------||0----------------------|---------0-3^-0-3^-0|
|E D |A E |The things you've said have got me real mad ---|-----0------------2------|---------------------------|---|-----0------------3------|---------------------------|---|-----1------------2------|-----2---------------------|---|-----2--------0---0------|-----2---------------------|---|-------------------------|0--------------------------|---|0------------------------|--------------0-3^-0-3^-3^-|
|E D |A E |I'm gettin' funny dreams again and again---|--------------2------|---------------------|---|--------------3------|---------------------|---|--------------2------|---------------------|---|--------------0------|x--x-----------------|---|---------------------|0--0-----------x-x---|---|0--------------------|------3^--0----x-x-0-|
|E D B | |I know what it means, but... (Ooh Ooh Ooh )-|-------------2---------|---------------|-|0------------3------4--|---------------|-|1------------2------4--|---------------|-|2------------0------4--|---------------|-|2-------------------2--|---------------|-|0----------------------|---------------|
[chorus] |E |C#m Can't explain, I think it's love |A |B Try to say it to you when I feel blue, but I |E D D |A E E | But I can't explain ( Ooh Ooh, Can't explain) Yeah, you hear what I'm saying, girl ( Ooh Ooh, Can't explain)
[first solo]|E D |A E |E D |A E ||-----4-2-----|-----------------|------------------|--------------||-----0-------|-----------------|------------------|--------------||2-/4----1^---|-----------------|------------------|--------------||-----------0h|2--2p0--0----0-0h|2-0h2--2p0-0------|--------------||-------------|------2----------|----------2-2-0-0-|--------------||-------------|-----------------|---------------3--|3^-0-3^--0\/--| \/ bend neck forward while pushing back on body of guitar
Dizzy in the head and I'm feeling bad The things you said have got me real mad I'm gettin' funny dreams again and again I know what it means but... [repeat chorus] Can't explain I think it's love Try to say it to you When I feel blue But I can't explain ( Ooh, Ooh Can't explain) You give me one more time now, yeah, baby ( Ooh, Ooh Can't explain)
[second solo; fuzz pedal on]|E D |A E ||-----16-14~-----|-------------------------------||--------15------|-------------------------------||14-/16-------12h|14-12^-------------------------||----------------|------14--12h14-12h14-12h14-12h||-----------0----|-------------------------------||----------------|-------------------------------|
|E D |A E ||---------------------------|------------||---------------------------|------------||---------------------------|------------||14-12--12~-----------------|----5-7--5~-||-----14----14-12-10-12-----|5-7---------||-----------------------12\-|------------|
[pedal off]|E D |A E |E D |A E ||---------2--|--------0---|----0-----0--|0-0-0-0------||---------3--|-2h3p2------|---0-----0---|0-0-0-0------||--1------2--|-2----2---1-|-------------|-------------||--2---0--0--|------------|-------------|----0/0/0-2--||--2---------|0-----------|/4----/5----/|7-7-5/5/5-2--||0-----------|-------0----|-------------|----------0--|
I said I can't explain, yeah, baby, yeah (Ooh, Ooh, can't explain) You drive me outta my mind (Ooh, Ooh, can't explain) Hey, I'm the worryingest kind, yeah (Ooh, Ooh, can't explain) |A E I said can't explain (Ooh, Ooh, can't explain) =============
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