Who - Sea And Sand tab

Song: Sea and Sand
Artist: The Who
Album: Quadrophenia

this is a fairly easy song once you get it down....

intro/verse pick pattern


e -------0-----b ---------0---G -----2-----2-D ---2--------- 4 timesA -0-----------E -------------
Asus2 Here by the sea and sand Nothing ever goes as planned, D E I just couldn't face going home A It was just a drag on my own. Asus2 They finally threw me out My mother got drunk on stout, D E My dad couldn't stand on two feet, A As he lectured about morality. D E Now I guess the families complete, G D With me hanging round on the street A Or here on the beach. C Emsus4 The girl I love Amsus4 Is a perfect dresser, Fmaj9 Em Wears every fashion D Gets it to the tee. C Emsus4 Heavens above, Amsus2 I got to match her Fmaj9 She knows just how Em D She wants her man to be Leave it to me. G D A My jacket's gonna be cut slim and checked G D A Maybe a touch of seersucker with an open neck G D A I ride a G.S. scooter with my hair cut neat G D A I wear my wartime coat in the wind and sleet. C Emsus4 I see her dancing Amsus2 Across the ballroom Fmaj9 Em UV light making starshine D Of her smile. C Emsus4 I am the face, Amsus2 She has to know me, Fmaj9 Em I'm dressed up better than anyone D Within a mile. A So how come the other tickets look much better? G D A Without a penny to spend they dress to the letter. G D A How come the girls come on oh so cool G D A Yet when you meet 'em, every one's a fool? Asus2 Come sleep on the beach Keep within my reach D I just want to die with you near E A I'm feeling so high with you here. Asus2 I'm wet and I'm cold But thank God I ain't old D Why didn't I say what I mean? E A I should have split home at fifteen D E There's a story that the grass is so green, G D What did I see? A Where have I been? G D A Nothing is planned, by the sea and the sand
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