Why – The Hollows chords

Sounds better if your gitbox is tuned to drop D. 


Most the song is: Dm   Bb   Gm   Dm

As I lay me down to fall asleep
with my demons dying 
and my pilot light weak,
I curse the last six months
I've been hiding behind a mustache, yeah. 
And to those last 10 years
I've been howling a paper moon. 
Well fuck you. 

This goes out to all my underdone 
and undertongued, 
long longed frontment.
(This is what the ghost of someone's dad says)
And all us earth growths, 
some planted,
And some pulled
Shut up and put your money where your mouth is.)

You shine a flashlight in 
a hat box and spin,
an empty oyster shell, 
and celebrate the hollows.

This goes out to dirty dancing, cursing,
back masking, back slitting pastor's kids.
(From behind bars its not so hard to see he's risen.)
And all us earth growths, 
some planted,
And some pulled.
Nobody finds god and then goes to prison.)


This next part is: Gm   Bb   Dm   Gm 

Gm BbIn Berlin I saw two men fuck
Dm Gmin the dark corner of a basketball court.
Dm Just a slight jingle
Gmof pocket change pulsing.
Gm BbIn the tourist park I lost 50 euros
Dm Gmto a guy with the walnut shells
and the marble.
Dm it really pissed me off
Gmso eww, I thought I'd go
Dmback to get my money,
Gmbut all my homies warned me,
Dm"oh no, those gypsies probably
Gmgot knives."
Then strum a d note a couple of times if its dropped it sounds the best This goes out to all my under brewed, double duped, two time truthfuls. (Stop thinking a phone call or text is too complicated.) And all us earth growths, some planted, (Like a married uncle at a family function.) And some pulled. I got them shaky gums and a couple of loose tooths. Now tell me what should I do? My God, the clock's always stuck tellin' 11:11, at 3:32. This goes out to all to my under done, under tongued blung wunged frontmen. And all us earth growths, some planted, and some pulled This goes out to my under tongued, over done, long longed frontmen. (This is what the ghost of someone's dad says.) And all us earth growths doin' the croak like it ain't no joke. In a crowded room projected debonair aloof impermanance he shrouded loosely in a heavy air of indeterminates.
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