Wicked – Dancing Through Life tab

I've been seaching for chords for this song all over the net, but I 

can't find any. So I ended up figure it out myself. This is my first-

ever chords submitting online. So yeah.......Enjoy! 


Song: Dancing Through Life
From: Wicked, the Musical (2003)
Chords By: Freezerbagz..teletubbies82@hotmail.com =]

The trouble with schools is
C#m                                  G#/C#m/G#/G
They always try to teach the wrong lessons
Fm7                          C#m
Believe me, I've been kicked out
Of enough of them to know

They want you to become less callow
Less shallow
Fm7                         C#m
But I say: why invite stress in?
G#                C#m
Stop studying strife
Fm7                                F
And learn to live the unexamined life

Intro: Fmaj7 F> Am Dm7? AmE----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|B--------1-------|--------1-------|--------1-------|--------1-------|G----2-3----3-2--|----2-3----3-2--|----2-3----3-2--|----2-3----3-2--|D--3-------------|--2-------------|--0-------------|--2-------------|A----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|E----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
F Dancing through life Am Skimming the surface Bb Am7 Dm(7) Gliding where turf is smooth Bbm A7 Life's more painless F Dm For the brainless Bbm7 Why think too hard Cm When it's so soothing F Dancing through life Am No need to tough it Bb Am7 Dm(7) When you can slough it off as I do Bb Nothing matters A7 Dm But knowing nothing matters Bb It's just life Am7 F/Am So keep dancing through F Dancing through life Am Swaying and sweeping Bb Am7 Dm(7) And always keeping cool Bbm A7 Life is fraught-less F Dm When you're thoughtless Bbm7 Those who don't try Cm??? Never look foolish F Dancing through life Am Mindless and careless Bb Am7 Make sure you wear less Dm(7) Trouble and rife Bb Woes are fleeting A7 Blows are glancing Bb When you're dancing F/Am/F/Am Through life ---The Rest is more to come, hopefully =]------
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