Widespread Panic – Cant Get High tab

chords used:

E F#m/E G#m/E E7 A Bm C#m De[---0----------------------------0------0------2---------4-----5--------|B[---0----------------------------3------2------3---------5-----7--------|G[---1------2----------4----------1------2------4---------6-----7--------|D[---2------4----------6----------2------2------4---------6-----7--------|A[---2------4----------6----------2------0------2---------4-----5--------|E[---0------0----------0----------0--------------------------------------|
E F#m/E G#m/E E E7 A Bm C#m Bme[--------------------------0---0-0------0--00---2--22---4--44----2-2--22--|B[--------------------------0---0h3------2--22---3--33---5--55----3-3--33--|G[---1-1----2-2------4-4----1---1-1------2--22---4--44---6--66----4-4--44--|D[---2-2----4-4------6-6----2---2-2------2--22---4--44---6--66----4-4--44--|A[---2-2----4-4------6-6----2---2-2------0--00---2--22---4--44----2-3--22--|E[---0-0----0-0------0-0----0---0-0----------------------------------------|
Verse 1 & 2: E F#m/E I've been working all day G#m/E E E7 I've been shaking it loose A Bm It's been raining for hours C#m Bm I've been spilling my juice E F#m/E Nothing means nothing G#m/E E E7 I couldn't care less A Bm And now that you're gone, C#m Bm I can't even guess E F#m/E I've got snakes in my cellar G#m/E E E7 I've got blood in my bed A Bm Bombs in the closet C#m Bm They're all painted cherry red E F#m/E And a feel like a mad scientist G#m/E E E7 I've got loose change in my head A Bm Nothing but trouble these days C#m Bm I eat bullets in my bread Chorus: D C#m Bm Now that you're gone A I'm sober every night D C#m Bm I can't get high A No, I can't get right Verse 3: Violent romantic On a seven day binge Losin' a gamble But I get my revenge Start thinking about thunder And I get mad again Soaking up electricity Like bourbon and gin Chorus Verse 4: Hallucinated green light And I slammed on the gas My performance ain't perfect But it's loud and it's fast Set sail for the new world And I burned down the mast Well, it wasn't the first time And I know it won't be the last Chorus Great song... One of my favorites by Panic even though it is a cover of Bloodkin's Good one for performing alone.
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