Widespread Panic - Barstools And Dreamers chords

Main Chords: 1st played: 1-1-87|---2-----2------0---3---||---2-----2------2---3---||---2-----4------2---0---||---4-----4------2---0---||---4-----2------0---2---||---2-----x------x---3---|
F#m B A G
Main Slide Riff:|----------------------------------||--------/9--------------11/12\12--||--/9--------9--9/11---------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------||----------------------------------|
F#mThe barstools built for dreamers
B AWe'll fit fine and find
G F#m All the worlds dreams have died
F#mBut tonight they're only taking thirsty people
B AWho've been pullin' on their drinks
G F#m From a glass that lies a bar length wide
B F#mAnd in the drink there swim the swimmers
B F#mAnd those whose swims have dried
F#mTake another look, take another pull
Take another pour, take another pull
F#mBefore you take a ride
EHeir to an open barstool, there's one by "Mary the Fool"
B Bb F#m F#m B Bb F#mMa-ry sees the bartender's knees
A G# F#m E C# B G# F#m EAnd she says that it's a bottle that she was born to be
EAnd I say, "that's cool.. just right, right for a fool."
B Bb F#m F#m B Bb F#mThinkin' whiskey, she bought me a drink
A G# F#m E C# B G F#m EI won't cross a word of what the la-dy thinks
F#m (same chords as above) Pray I don't cross what the lady thinks She's been thinking out too loud though This time I can't hear the pinball machine Well there's a birdman playing tiny little sideways bongos Pulling all those words down, down, down Look at how the numbers glow In the glass there rolls the iron ball And a quarter states the toll that's all (that's all) You take another look, take another pull Take another pour, take another pull Before you take a chance Look at your hands, they're just right for a new kinda dance Just forget what your bodies just done And ride all the waves that the drums rest on Like the smallest babies do, ya' know the little newborn babies do If there's some food that the moon feeds on A baby won't hold it back, won't hold it back Mike solo over an E JB slide solo over an F#
Bridge Riff (w/ variations on the melody): p|--14^11----p----------------------------------------------||---------14^11--11----------------------------------------||--------------------13(b15)--13(b15)13-11--13-11--11\9----||----------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------|
The slide at the end of each line lets you change hand positions to where you need to be for the next part. Just alternate the above over and over. Baby doesn't know what I just said Baby doesn't know the words that I just used Babies haven't learned any words yet Babies haven't been used by any words yet People only think, people only talk People only think in words they already know The babies haven't learned any words yet (no) They only know what the people feel They don't really care what the people think They only care what the people feel Music only knows what the people feel Babies only care and hear what the people feel, feel Finale: B B B A B B B A
G F#
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