Widespread Panic - Hatfield tab

Opening riff: x2|10-10---10--10--10---10---------10-10---10----------------||10-10---10--10--10---10--h-p----10-10---10----8---6-----5-||-7--7--h7---7---7---h7--7^8^7---7--7---h7---/7--7---7---5-||-7--7-7^8---7---7--7^8-------8--7--7--7^8-------------7---||----------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------|
JB's plays in dropped D tuning (DADGBE)
Chords for verses: Riff 1:|-0---------------------|----1---------------||-1------h-p------------|----3---------------||-2-----0^2^0-----------|----2---------------||-0-----------/4-0------|----3---------------||-0---------------------|--------------------||-0---------------------|--------------------| D' D/F
D'w/riff 1 Wide awake in San Diego Smallest root shrinking dry G F The fish are swimming closer inside Lake Morena C C# Still get no rain from the sky D' Men were firing cannons Hoping smoke might tear an angel's eyes D/F (voiced above) Heard the stories of shooting arrows Tearin' open the clouds G F But indians shoot the best, and Am7 (this is kinda fishy) C C# D' The indians they don't like us, much C C F F D Hatfield
|-------------------| |---3-----------3---| |--2---2---2---2----| |-0-----------0-----| |-----3---2-0-------| |-------------------|You made rain for L.A. FWe've got ten grand DFor you to go cook us some rain
strum the following chords in 1/8th notes:|--2----|--3----|--0----|--2----||--3----|--3----|--3----|--3----||--2----|--2----|--2----|--2----||--0----|--0----|--0----|--0----||-------|-------|-------|-------||-------|-------|-------|-------|
G Science from the cooking pot mixing up with the air F Feeling thunder G Nights since they have started Now the clouds won't stay apart F A little California voodoo Care of Hatfield and his brother D (with strumming pattern from above) Now the horses won't race where the down's turned to mud Streams and rivers are growing And my boots are filling up F Water's from back this way F Look at them smiling, cooking and smiling D Hatfield D Made rain for L.A. C Well, "Hot damn", D People swear with one walk in this rain D (with 1/8th note strumming pattern) F Families on porches D The children are smiling F The owners are mad, owners are crying D C Still the eyes of the children, wide open D Wide, wide
JB's riff here (dropped D remember!):|-----------------------||-----------------------||-----------------------||-----------------------||-----0-3/0-0-3/0-0-----||-0-3--------------3--0-|
The happy bridge is D>A>G with a riff|------------------------------------||--6-8-6-8/10-/10-8-6-8----8-6--6----| repeat until nirvana|------------------------------7--7--| with improv.|------------------------------------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------|
D' Well, the blue light is rolling in between the clouds Feeling of wonder Some water drying up, some sinking down "Charles always kept in touch", swears his mother "Always had the touch" D Made rain for L.A. Made rain for L.A. Hatfield
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