Widespread Panic - Holden Oversoul chords

Intro theme C Am|------------------------|------------------------------||-1^3-1-1-----1--1-------|-1^3-1---1---1-1--------------||0-----3-0-3--0--0--'/'5x|0-----3-0-2--2-2--------------||2-----------------------|2-----------------------------||------------3-----------|------------0-----------------||---------------3--------|--------------0---------------|
CThe screen door to the farmer's porch
To the back porch, to the backlands
Am It's never left closed
CA new air pushed a full wind
That brought worlds on through
Am That only he could know
CAs the last of November passed
With his new life, with his new wife
Am She said she was feeling a little cold
CThe ghost of a clown just danced in and
Did a few tricks and danced out again
Am Warming a farmer's soul
Am G Am C x3 x2 X3
CSummer was all there was
We were working, breathing heat
Am Terror rising out of control
CThrough that door came a breeze
Wrapped on through our heads and around our spines
Am Cooling off the burning floor
D CThe morning's breaking woke us long enough
GWe were sure we could see
AmThe whole of some older birds
G AmRiding to the ground on the falling leaves
G AmRiding to the ground on some falling leaves
AmOne last time
One last time
C/GTo feed
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