Widespread Panic - Crack And Whistle chords

A7Look at our reflections in the water
Making ripples, taking a drink
D7We used to come here when we were schoolboys
A7This ole water hole look like it's changed much to you?
D7Do you think the Lady of the Lake would even remember
A7The battles we staged for her favor?
A7Do you remember it got so dark and late
A7We had to start the games the next morning just to save her
ELeave it all for the crack and whistle
F A7Of the carnival train headed for town
ANow there are children buying candy
Young girls talking all 'bout love & hate
DBoys spin from the high ride
AOld man coming home late
D# D D# DOutside the woodshed
D# D D# DWondering what he's gonna say
A GMom's been asleep listening to the short waves
Riff (see below) Hanging onto magazines from far away
A7Look at our reflections in the mirror
Long and big and short and small
D7This funhouse gonna distort and shake
A7Worlds we might really never know at all
D7You think if we keep coming back
A7The carnival stay on the edge of town for keeps?
D7 A7When everybody be happy, we all be laughing in the streets
ENo, I couldn't conjure up a sadder sound
F A7Than the crack and whistle headed for another town
AChickens don't know what bit 'em
The cousin of the little snake boy
DThe twins there look like spacemen
AAnd the ponies look like toys
D# D D# DPeekin' underneath the sideshow tent
D# D D# DLike looking for monsters 'neath the bed
A GJunior's running home to mama
Riff I heard he won't come back here this year again
AThe children line up for candy
Young girls whisper all about love & hate
DAnd the boys tell glory stories
AJobs and school started late
DCarnival's packed and gone
A Ahead of the names and the fames and the names and the rains (?)
A GMom and dad didn't go to bed last night
Riff They were out there playing out by the lake See everybody knows they're home Everybody knows they're home Everybody knows they're home Everybody knows they're home So sit back, and learn, and learn Play a slide trombone
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