Widespread Panic - Blight tab

Tabbed by:Hunter


Bass Line:
Main Theme:|----------------------------------------------------------||------8-----11--11--10--8----------8------11--11--10--8---||---10---10-----------------10--10-----10------------------||----------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: Dm F Bb A We sat on the couch a-playin Dm F Bb A Touch the tongue and bump the table Dm F Bb A But I was scorned after little ado G A* Bb * single note walking up Tossed right out into the blue Verse 2: I set into a downward spiral Caught an illness that was literally viral I heard some words of wisdom the other day And they went in one ear and out the other one Verse 3: I awoke from this beatific binge With prismatic eyes, now lite is tinged With all the vapors that the vile humans brew Shining through the.. blight of you (3x)
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