Wilco – Solitaire chords

Artist: Wilco Album: Wilco (The Album) Tabbed by: Adam James It should all be here. The 'sus4' and the 'm7' are depicting the little trill that's being done on both the E and F#m chords (where noted). Capo: 1st fret E (Esus4) | F#m (F#m7)| E (Esus4)| F#m (F#m7)| E (Esus4)
E Once I thought the world was crazy
F#m Everyone was sad and chasing
E Happiness and love and
F#m E (Esus4) I was the only one above it
F#m (F#m7)| E (Esus4) Once I thought without a doubt I had it all figured out You lose with hands unseen I was cold as gasoline
G F#mTook too long to see
C F#m F#m7 I was wrong to believe in me on-
E (Esus4) | F#m (F#m7)| E (Esus4)| F#m (F#m7)| E (Esus4)-ly
Once my life was a game so unfair It beat me down and kept me there Unaware of my naysayer Solitaire was all I was playing G | F#m | C | F#m | (x 3) Took to long to see I was wrong to believe in me only
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