Wilco – Alone chords

This is one of my favorite songs off of the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos. I am a 
relatively novice guitarist, so these might be a tad off, but I don't really think so.

Standard tuning
No capo

D GShakin' sugar from a sugar spoon
D APeppermint tea afternoon
DAlone, alone, alone
D GTaking a shower take another nap
D AWatching television takin' a bath
D D7Alone, alone, alone
GFeel like a book, but I just cant start it
EFeel like a lover, brokenhearted
AmLook in the mirror at the face in the glass
DLook like a question no one ever asks
Cm G Like I'm supposed to be
Cm G Lone lonely alone
Cm G Like I'm supposed to be
D GGo for a walk, go for a drive
... etc. It starts over from the beginning there.
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