Wilco - Were Just Friends chords

"We're Just Friends"
top song, don't know why nobody else submitted it.
i think it's real close.

c G Am GOver and over and over again
F Em Dmu say that were just friends
c G Am GForget the implications
F Em GInfatuations end
Em FIf loves so easy, why is it hard
Am E/g# F cI can't imagine ever being apart
Am E/g# F coohh, I'll come back to you
Am E/g# F coohhh, Itd be brand new
Dm GBut I promise
cWe're just friends
Over and over and over again I try to make amends For everything that Ive done wrong My whole world just spins Make some coffee, hold me up Try to talk me out of giving up ooohhh, I'll come back to you ooohhh, It'll be brand new But I promise We're just friends
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