Wilco – Red Eyed & Blue tab

Funny Chords in this song, for me at least...
o:=put finger here
x:=no fingers, no strumming,(no E-string "BEYOTCH")

        A         Asus5(?)         A9(?)      A7        
   ||||||        |||||o         ||||||     ||||||
   ||ooo|        |||oo|         |||ooo     ||o|o|
   ||||||        ||o|||         ||||||     |||||o
   ||||||        ||||||         |||o||     ||||||
   x             x              x          x

        D         Dmin          D2(?)
     ||||||     |||||o          ||||||
     |||o|o     |||o||          |||o||
     ||||o|     ||||o|          ||||o|
     ||||||     ||||||          ||||||
     xx         xx              xx

G F#min F3fr o---oo 2fr o--ooo ||||||4 |||o|| 3 |||||| o---oo5 |oo||| 4 |oo||| |||o|| |oo|||
INTRO: organ plays some sort of A chord... A Asus5 A Asus5 repeat above until words... WORDS: A Asus5 A9 Asus5 A You've got, solid-state technology box on the wall some songs, you can't Asus5 A9 A7 afford to play anymore after last chord play something like... e----3---2---0---: (high E) THEN: D Dmin D2 Dmin ?A9? When we came here today We all found something new now I'm red eyed and blue A Asus5 A Asus5 A BRIDGE(is that what this is called?): G F#min F PRE-BREAKDOWN: A Asus5 A Asus5 A9 D BREAKDOWN!!!1(note the 'one' at the end denoting speed and net-knowledge/ignorance...):
\__/might be (--1210---)--|
A A9 A7 OUTRO: A D F#min END: G G A Thank you for reading this. Fun song to tab.
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