Wilco - Christ For President chords

Christ For President


Transcribed by Ben Northrop 

ALet's have Christ our president
A E7 ALet us have him for our king
ACast your vote for the carpenter
A E7 AThat they call the Nazarene
A The only way
A We can ever beat
A E7 A The crooked politician men
AIs to cast the money-changers
A Out of the temple
A E7 APut the Carpenter in
AOh it's Jesus Christ our president
A E7 AGod above our king
AWith a job and pension for young and old
A E7 AWe will make hallelujah ring
(E7)(A)(E7)(A) (you can do that for as long as you want.) A Every year we waste enough
A E7 ATo feed the ones who starve
AWe build our civilization up
A E7 AAnd we shoot it down with wars
A E7But with the Carpenter
A E7 On the seat
A E7 A A E7Away up in the capital town
A E7 The USA
A E7 Would be on the way
A E7 A E7 A E7 A E7Prosperity bound
E7 A
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