Wilco - Spiders Kidsmoke tab version 3

Here's what should be a better tab of this song. Most of them just list the 4
chords of the chorus.


s = slide
h = hammer
x = mute
p = pull off

Verses: obviously these are pretty light on guitar.

Nels Cline's part: He repeats a muted E minor chord throughout the verses

-------------------------|-----8-8-----8-8-----8-8-|-----9-9-----9-9-----9-9-| Repeat-------------------------|7-7------7-7-----7-7-----|-------------------------|
Jeff Tweedy's Part: He simple improvises on the E minor pentatonic scale. Bridge to the Chorus
--------------------|--------------------|--9-9s7---7s6---6s4-| repeat x4----xxx---xxx---xxx-|5s7-7s5---5s4---4s2-|--------------------|
Chorus: Jeff Tweedy's Part
---------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------|9-9-99-9-9-9--97-7-7---7-7---------6-6-----------------4-| repeat9-9-99-9-9-9--97-7-7---7-7---------6-6-----------------4-|7-7-77-7-7-7--75-5-4s5-5-5-4-2-----4-4-2p0-2-4-2-0---0-2-|-------------------------------4s5-----------------4-----|
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