Wilco – Impossible Germany chords ver. 2

			     Impossible Germany - Wilco

Tuning: Standard

Asus4 AmImpossible Germany
Cmaj7 C6Unlikely Japan
G EmWherever you go
Asus2Wherever you land
Asus4 AmI'll say what this means to me
Cmaj7 C6I'll do what I can
G EmImpossible Germany
Asus2Unlikely Japan
Cmaj7* Asus2The fundamental problem
Cmaj7* Asus2I'll need to face
G Em"This is important."
Cmaj7* Asus2But I know you're not listening
Cmaj7* Asus2I know you're not listening
This was still new to me I wouldn't understand Impossible Germany Unlikely Japan This is what love is for To be at a place Gorgeous and alone And face to face With no larger problems That need to be erased And nothing more important Than to know someone's listening to me Oh I know you'll be listening to me CHORDS (the way I play them in this song):
Asus4 Am Cmaj7 Cmaj7* C6 G E Asus2e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------0--------------|B|----------------------------------0----------------------------------------0--------------|G|---7---------5----------4---------0----------2-----------------------------2--------------|D|---7---------7----------2---------2----------2---------5----------2--------2--------------|A|---0---------0----------3---------3----------3---------5----------2--------0--------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------3----------0-----------------------|
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