Wilco - Far Far Away tab version 2

Solo:  The solo follows the verse and chorus chord structures closely, using mostly
bar-chord shapes here.  Though the studio version has Jeff on acoustic doing rhythm and an
electric with a “slap-back echo” doing the notes of the solo, I find playing the chords 
and hitting these notes louder to be just as good, especially when playing by your
lonesome.  It was hard to work out just which notes were being hit cause of the echo, so 
just use this tab as a template and play what you think sounds right. Sliding softly 
into the bar chords is what this solo is all about.

G-Bm-Em-Bm (Bm-Bbm-Am)
G Bm Em Bm - Bbm Am C e|-----------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------/8-------------------------------------| G|-------------/7-----------/9---/11-9-7---------------------------| D|-------------/9-----------/9---/11-9-7--9------------------------| A|-0h2----0-2------9----------------------9----------------0-2-3---| E|--------------------10--7------------------10--7--6--5-----------|
G Em C Am G Em C G e|--/3-5-7-------/8\\7-5-5-----/3-5-7------/8--7-5-3---------------| B|---------8-------------5------------8----------------------------| G|--/4-5-7-9-----/9\\7-5-5-----/4-5-7-9----/9--7-5-4---------------| D|-----------------------7-----------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Tabbed by Starcat. Questions? --> timjlehmann@gmail.com
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