Wilco – When The Roses Bloom Again chords

This is the way I saw Jeff Tweedy playing it live.

Capo 5th.

Verse 1

EmThey were strolling in the gloaming
AmWhere the roses were in bloom
C/G GA soldier and his sweetheart brave and true
EmAnd their hearts were filled with sorrow
AmFor their thoughts were of tomorrow
C/G GAs she pinned a rose upon his coat of blue
C/GDo not ask me love to linger
AmWhen you know not what to say
G EmFor duty calls your sweetheart's name again
C/GAnd your heart need not be sighing
AmIf I be among the dying
G EmI'll be with you when the roses bloom again
Verse 2
EmWhen the roses bloom again
AmBeside the river
C/G GAnd the mockingbird has sung his sweet refrain
EmIn the days of Old Lang Syne
AmI'll be with you sweetheart mine
C/G GI'll be with you when the roses bloom again
Verse 3
EmMid the rattle of the battle
AmCame a whisper soft and low
C/G GA soldier who had fallen in the fray
EmI am dying, I am dying
AmAnd I know I'll have to go
C/G GBut I want to tell you before I pass away
C/GThere's a far and distant river
AmWhere the roses are in bloom
G EmA sweetheart who is waiting there for me
C/GAnd it's there I pray you take me
AmI've been faithful, don't forsake me
G EmI'll be with her when the roses bloom again
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