Wilco – A Fool Such As I chords

As found on the "Someone Else's Songs: Covers Collection (Disc One)". 
I really liked this version so I tried to get the chords. 
I feel like there' still something not quite right about the B7 or the F that follows, 
but it's close enough to sound kind of pretty. 

Email lojiqaen@gmail.com with any questions.

C B7Pardon me if I'm sentimental
F CWhen we say goodbye
C G G7Don't get angry with me if I cry
C B7When I'm gone I will dream a little dream
F CAs the years go by
C G C C7Now and then there's a fool such as I
F Now and then there's a fool
CSuch as I am over you
D You taught me how to love and now
G7 You say we're through
COh I'm a fool
B7 F CBut I will love you dear until I die
C G CNow and then there's a fool such as I
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