Wilco – Black Moon chords

Artist: Wilco
Song: Black Moon
Album: The Whole Love
tabbed by: recebedou
email: recebedou@yahoo.com

Standard Tuning:

Chords used:
C: 032010
F: 133211

Intro riff: Ame|--------------------------------------------------------|B|-----1--1---1----1--1---1-----1--1---1---1---1---1---1--|G|-----2-----------2------------2-------------------------|D|-----2----2------2----2-------2----2-------2-------2----| A|--0-----------0------------0----------------------------|E|---------------------------------------0-------3--------|
------------------------------------------------------------------------ Intro: Am [w/ intro riff x4] Verse 1 chords:
Am I was always right
FAbout the morning
Dm FOkay, I'm an old shoe
Am Danced above the blades
FNever stopped crawling
Dm FOver the black dunes
Chorus 1 chords:
C Gm F C And I'm waiting for you
Gm F Waiting forever
Dm CAre you awake now too?
Verse 2: [use verse 1 chords] I am always one without a warning Whole days reappear Lift away past the gate Desert keeps forming Underneath the black moon Chorus 2: [use chorus 1 chords] And I'm waiting For you Waiting forever Are you awake now too?
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