Wilco – Sunloathe chords

Artist: Wilco
Song: Sunloathe
Album: The Whole Love
tabbed by: recebedou
email: recebedou@yahoo.com

Standard Tuning: CAPO II

Chords used:
A:  002220
A6: 002002
A7: 002020
Am: 002210B5: 2244--
Bm5:1133-- C: 032010 D: 000232 D5: 000235 E: 022100 E7: 020100
G: 320033G/D:--0433
----------------------------------------------------------------- Verse 1 chords:
D5 G/DI loathe the sun
A6 DSometimes I don't
E G D AKnow how to love anything myself
Verse 2 chords:
D5 G/DIt's hard to recall
A6 DHold on to it all
E G D A Bm5I kill my memories with a cheap disease
Interlude 1: B5 - C - E7 - A7 - D5 - Am - G Verse 2: [use verse 2 chords] To the sails that fail To the bird and the whale Move my misery tt's all or nothing I see Chorus 1 chords:
B5 CI don't want to lose this fight
E7 A7I don't want to end this fight
D5 Am GGoodbye
Interlude 2: [D5 - Am - C] x3, then end on D5 Verse 3: [use verse 2 chords] I loathe the sun Someday I know I'll learn how to love anyone is enough Chorus 2: [use chorus 1 chords] I don't want to lose this fight I don't want to end this fight Goodbye
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