Wilco – Red Eyed And Blue tab

Band - Wilco
Song - Red Eyed And Blue

Intro: A A Asus5 A Asus5


A Asus5 A9 Asus5 A
You've got, solid-state technology box on the wall some songs, you can't

Asus5 A9 A7
afford to play anymore

D Dmin D2 Dmin A When we came here today We all found something new now I'm red eyed and blue A Asus5 A Asus5 A Bridge: G F#min F
A Asus5 A Asus5 A9 De|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|--------------------------|D|--------------------------|A|----0-0-0-----0-0-0-------|E|----------02--------0210--|
A A9 A7 Outro: A D F#min END: G G A
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