Wilco - Airline To Heaven tab

Airline to Heaven

Billy Bragg & Wilco - Mermaid Ave. Vol II.

I was pretty shocked and disappointed there was no tab for this song, it's such a great
 This might not be correct the way Jeff plays it but it sounds decent to me.  At the
least it's better than no tab at all.  If you don't strum at least similar to the real 
this will sound like crap.

 The rhythm is pretty easy to figure out, just play along.  The verses and choruses are
only point the rhythm guitar changes, and you pretty much just use half as many chord
everything slows down in that sense.



   D riff high up

D riff lower or bass
Intro D G D G etc. G D G D There's an airline plane G D Flies to heaven everyday G D G Past the pearly gates D G D If you want to ride this train G D Have your ticket in your hand G D G Before it is too late D G D If the world looks wrong G D And your money's spent and gone G D G And your friend has turned away D G D You can get away to heaven G D On this aeroplane G D G Just bow your head and pray D G Them's got ears, let them hear D A Them's got eyes, let them see D G Turn your eyes to the lord of the skies D G D Take this airline plane G D D A It'll take you home again A D (with riff) To your home behind the skies
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