Wilco - Thanks I Get tab

The Thanks I Get by Wilco
This is as its played on the Jeff Tweedy DVD.
Drop D tuning (DADGBE)
Chords are:

Em D G A F#E-----------------|B------7----------|G------7----------|D--2---7--5--7--4-|A--2---5--5--7--4-|D--2---0--5--7--4-|
Intro: D with riff 1
riff 1:E-----------------|B-----------------|G---------7-------|D-------4-4-4-7---|A--5-7--5---0-7-5-|D--0------0-----0-|
riff 2:D - 2--4--5--7--9--11-12-11--|A - 0--0--0--0--0---0---0--0-|D - x--x--x--x--x---x---x--x-|
D G Is that the thanks I get D For loving you? D G Is that the thanks I get D For telling you the truth? G A You say you wanna know Em G Where I go when I go Em G You say you wanna communicate Riff 2 But you dont hear a word I say G D G Is that the thanks I get A D For loving you? D G D Now Im tired of the looks you give me when I get home late D G D And Im getting tired of how you forget the loving things i say G A I hold you tight Em G I treated you right Em G Now everytime I go out and play a,b,c#,d,e,f#,g,a,g (play just the notes on a string) Why do you think Im leaving? G D G A D Is that the thanks I Get for loving you? Em F# G Now faith and trust the strongest parts of us Em F# G A Thats ok but you must believe in our love D We can make it better G We can make it better (repeat) D G Em Oh we can make it better, lets pull ourselves together D Start it again I hold you tight You taught me to ignite Oh I dont ever want to fight again I think we’re both crazy If thats the thanks we get for falling in love We can make it better (repeat) Oh we can make it better lets pull ourselves together Start it again
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