Wilco - Blasting Fonda tab

Blasting Fonda
by Wilco/Jeff Tweedy
from the "Feeling Minnesota" film soundtrack

Tweedy plays this song in his solo acoustic tours with some type of alternate tuning. 
following chords are based on standard tuning. The main riff is tabbed out at the bottom 
the page.

Verse 1:
C		B7  Em	C	B7		Em
I watch the clock a lot to see where I’m at in the plot
G 	Bm 	C 	Bm
it’s like a movie starring me
Am		Bm	C
it’s all so moving to me

Verse 2:
C	B7	Em		C	B7	Em
and I don’t want to leave this walking dream
G	Bm	C	Bm
it’s up to you to get me home
Am		Bm	C
I don’t want to go it alone

in days of olden silence was golden
G	C	G	C	G	D7
and I always dreamed of you
G		C	G	C
here on my pillow like a weeping willow
cools breeze blows through

Verse 3:
There will be no failure
and I won’t be the last
Prima donna stuck in a trailor
blasting Fonda for the news

repeat chorus

riff: eighth notese|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------0--2----------------------------------------------------------|D|--1---2---4----------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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