Wilco - When The Roses Bloom Again tab

This was tabbed wrong in the Billy Bragg section... these chords are right.

Where The Roses Are In Bloom Chords by Billy Bragg and Wilco

Verse 1

They were [Am]strolling in the gloaming
Where the [Dm]roses were in bloom
A [F]soldier and his sweetheart lady [C]true
And their [Am]hearts were filled with sorrow
And their [Dm]thoughts were of tomorrow
As she [F]pinned a rose upon his coat of [C]blue

Chorus 1

Do not [C]ask me love to linger
When you [Dm]know not what to say
For [C]duty calls your sweetheart's name [Am]again
And your [C]heart need not be sighing
If [Dm]I be among the dying
I'll be [C]with you when the [F]roses bloom [C]again
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