Wilco - In A Future Age tab

I like to play this one with a little arpeggio around the g, b and high e strings.  It's
like the CD, but it sounds nice on an acoustic and pays homage to the piano on the
 Just keep the riff for each chord going on the D and G chords.  The E is only strummed 
so it doesn't get arpeggioed.  The E is followed by a single strum of A and then a little
the e and g strings.  The pattern for a single bar for each chord looks like this:

       D            G         A

If none of this makes sense you can just strum the chords: Intro D G D E A D [D]Genuine [D]Day will come [D]When the wind [D]Decides to run [D]And shakes the stairs [G]That stab the wall [D]And turns a page In [E]the future [A]age [D]Some tress will bend [D]and some will dall [D]But then again [D]So will us all [D]Let's turn our prayers [G]To outrageous dares [D]And our page In [E]a future [A]age [D]High above [G]The sea of cars [D]And barking dogs [Em]In fenced in yards Play the verse chords for the outro and end on D.
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