Wild Child – Stitches tab

(/) Slide Up    (h) Hammer On  (p) Pull Off  


That little run:
C Chord
G Chord
***Play the above notes over the parts that aren't strummed*** Intro C G C G C I don't feel well C I don't feel right C I doubt I make it through the night G And she swore the stitches wouldn't stay G And goodnight from far away C She said I spoke with a tongue of spears last night C My words so unclear G And she said she hates when I get that way G But it's how I stay safe Chorus: C And I want to come home G Cuz' I miss your bones G And I'm sick and tired C Of always sleeping alone C And I need to come back G Cuz' the road's too hard G Too many sinners C And too many bars C Em C Am (PAUSE) C I hope these walls are paper thin C My untied tie C My mouth full of gin G N' I hope that this mirror is a lie G Cuz' I don't recognize that guy C Well I flew the coop C Well I missed the mark C What's important now C Is that I have lost G And while I whittle days away G All I can say C Is I want you here C Now let's share a smoke C Why aren't you here C N' I miss your folks G I swear I can't wait around no more G And this town is such a bore Chorus: C And I want to come home G Cuz' I miss your bones G And I'm sick and tired C Of always sleeping alone C And I need to come back G Cuz' the road's too hard (hard) G There's too many sinners C And too many bars (alright let's go) (Same as verses) Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba da-ba-ba-ba-ba Da-ba-da-ba-ba da-ba-ba-ba-ba Ba-da-ba-da-da-ba-da-da Da-da-da-da-da-da-da Shoo-sha-shoo-sha-we Shoo-sha-shoo-sha-wa Shoo-sha-shoo-sha-we La-ta-da-ta-da La-ta-da-da-da-da-da-da La-da-da-da-da-da-da C And you said dear your stitches will stay C As long as your away G So come back home C Really soon Comment if you have any corrections/suggestions. Thanks to user madewell94 for the chords!
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