Wild Nothing – Only Heather chords

Left handed
Intro: G Bm A G

G Bm A GDressed in the moonlight and paler than bone
G Bm A GShe has got something that I've never known
G Bm A GI couldn't explain it I won't even try
G Bm A GShe is so lovely she makes me feel high
D GCause I'm with Heather
D GYeah only Heather
D GThe only Heather
A GThe only Heather
D G D GCan make me feel this way
Misunderstood she's good I can tell Though everyone tells me I'm under her spell But I'll never leave her they don't know our deal Its better to fake than to love her for real Cause I'm with Heather Yeah only Heather Can make me feel this way
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