Wild Sweet Orange – Night Terrors chords

This is my first tab so bear with me. 


Cfollow the black marks on the floor
Amfallen through the bathroom door
G Fon his face, that's how it finds you
Cyou built an alter of books and melting wax
Amsackcloth and his panic attacks
G Fsmears his eyes with the candle ash
C Band oh, does God have a sound?
Amlike a family laughing loud?
F Gor a garden gate opening to
Ca world you never found.
Bbut not everything's a metaphor
Amyou know somethings just are
F Glike the way she slams her bedroom door
Cthat doesn't mean a thing
C Am G F
Che tied a dirty towel around his waist
Amwashes his feet with the tears from his face
G Faint it a shame, that's how you find him?
Cin the darkest closet behind the veil
Amin his sweet and haunted hour of prayer
G Fhis hands and feet claw the air
C Band oh, does God have a sound?
Amlike a little girl crying out
Ffrom the attic of her house
G Cwhere she hid herself for days
Bbut everything's a metaphor
Amto blood stained over the door
Fto the bread crumbs on the floor
Geverything means something.
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