Will Gunter - Someone To Blame chords

by Will Gunter

Label: Tate Music Group/Independent



(verse 1)
D2 E F#m Tight fist, and tight lungs,
D2 E F#m Too scared to open up,
D2 E Bm N.C. Too afraid to look too far
D2 E F#m Big lies, and little sins,
D2 E F#m And no one seems to win,
D2 E Bm A N.C. But that's who we are
A This is where I draw the line,
C#m With all your pretty lies,
F#m E A D But all my efforts are in vain
A I'm sick of "getting by,"
C#m A dirty compromise,
F#m E D And all excuses are the same
E (D 1st time)We're just lookin for someone to blame
(F#m-B-D-A-E,C#m-D-E-F#m 2nd time) (A-C#m-F#m-E, A-C#m-F#m-E, A 3rd time) (verse 2) Bright eyes, and bright dreams, Sweet lies, and meeger fees, This not what I call home ---chorus--- (bridge)
D E You can't buy me,
F#m AI'm, not for sale,
D E You can't tell me,
F#m AI'm, part of emptiness,
D E You can't make me believe,
F#m A That this is all of chance
D A E A healing world or entropy?
Bm A E The answer's clear enough to me
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