William Fitzsimmons - Find It In Me tab

Song: Find It In Me
Artist: William Fitzsimmons
Version: DeepRockDrive Live Version - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tB9p0nO7QxI
Tabbed By: Gabe Garms - gabegarms@gmail.com

The tuning that William is using in this version is DADGAD.  He has a capo on the first 
(Capo I).

The verse is three chords and he slides from the first to the second.  He also does a 
on/pull off of the G string on the 4th fret during the playing of the third chord.  It 
a better dynamic.

The chorus (I hope you find it.....)
If you watch the YouTube video and read along with this, all should make sense. Feel to email me with any questions. This is a fun one to play.
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