William Fitzsimmons - Goodmorning tab

Artist: William Fitzsimmons
Song: Goodmorning
Album: The Sparrow & The Crow
Tabbed by: Narinder Singh (cstrike_Face@hotmail.com)

Tuning - D A D F# A D
Capo on 5
May not be perfectly accurate but its a start. Would appreciate some corrections.

D |--4---4------7----7--------0---2s4-2-0------------0-------------------0-|A |-----5-5s7------7------0h3--3----------------0---------0----------0-----|F#|----0----------0-------------------------0h1--1----1-----1----------1---|D |------------------------------------------------------------------------|A |-----------------------------------------2------2----2-----2------------|D |--0----------0--------0------------------------------------------2------|
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