William Fitzsimmons – Everything Has Changed chords

William Fitzsimmons - Everything Has Changed
From the Album: Goodnight

Capo 4th Fret (chords relative to capo)

(intro) Dsus2-E-F#m-A (x2)

Dsus2 E F#mToday i saw my father standing in the graveyard
Alooking very somber looking for his mom
Dsus2 E F#mwhen he finally found her he said that it was different
Aeverything is different nothing's really changed
Dsus2-E-F#m-A (x2)
Dsus2 E F#mmy brother would remember sitting in the hallway
Awaiting for my father both of us were scared
Dsus2 E F#mwhen the doorknob turned we took off for the stairway
Alooking for some cover trying to get away
Dsus2-E-F#m-A (x2)
Dsus2 E F#ma guide dog had to serve the role that you would not let
A the mother of your children ever really play
Dsus2 E F#mthe office was a dungeon where you hid your fears of
Awhat would really happen if no one ever came
Dsus2 E F#mi wonder if you blamed yourself for when she left you
Aby closing up the garage door and turning on the car
Dsus2 E F#myour father must have lost it your sister couldn't help you
Abut dad if you were lonely you had no where to turn
Dsus2 E F#m AOh father... can't you see the pieces that have fallen on the ground
Dsus2 E F#m Awhen you and mom decided nothing could be saved inside this house
Dsus2-E-F#m-A (x2)
Dsus2-E-F#m-A everything has changed (x7)
Dsus2 E F#mlast night i had a dream that i was in the graveyard
Alooking at my father buried in the ground
Dsus2 E F#mI'd swear that I could hear him tell me he was sorry
Ahe told me he was sorry, and everything has changed
Outro: Dsus2-E-F#m-A (x2)
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