William Fitzsimmons – Passion Play tab ver. 2

Tabbed by: Jihem
Email: cannon_boy@live.fr


e > down to D
B > down to A
E > down to D

capo 1

This tab is the way William Fitzsimmons played this song on the Deep Rock Drive's Tv 
a beautiful acoustic version
of this song from his first record... enjoy!


D ---------------------------------|A ---------------------------------|G ---------------------------------|D ---------------------------------|A ---0h2----2h4---4h5--------------|D -----------------------5---------|
Repeat this many times (as you feel it) for the intro... the others cords are played but I just can't notice it here..it's pretty easy but you should listen many times the song to learn what cords to play and the order.. You could play with some variations as if you were playing with an other guitar (just listen how he plays then) :
D ----4p0----5p0----7p0------------|A ---------------------------------|G ---------------------------------|D ---------------------------------|A --0h2-----2h4----4h5-------------|D ---------------------------------|
D -------------------|A -------------------|G -------------------|D -------------------|A -----5-------------|D ----0---5---9---7--|
D -----------------------------------|A -----------------------------------|G -----------------------------------|D -----------------------------------|A -----5---------------3-------------|D ----0---5---9---7--------5---9---7-|
End : Repeat the VERSE and finish on this :
D ----2h3-----------------------------|A ------------------------------------|
Hope it's comprehensible and right! Then enjoy playin' this great song!! Jihem.
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