William Fitzsimmons - You Still Hurt Me chords

I hope these chords helps. Maybe they are not exactly like William plays it but it can be helpful.
Capo on 7th fret
Chords relative to capo
Listen to the song and get the right feeling. 

(Main chords): C G Dadd11 Em

C      032010
G 320000, 32022 or 35500Dadd11 054030, you can play D too
Em 022000 Intro: C G Dadd11 Em C G Dadd11
Em C G Dadd11 I'm not comfortable with how we never talk
Em C G And I miss you since you went out for that walk
Dadd11 Em C GIts been 13 months since May
Dadd11 Em C, G, Dmaj11It still feels like yesterday
Em C G Dadd11I was scared to fix what I had broke
Em C G Dadd11Its a lonely place to live with just a ghost
Em C G Dadd11There is love left in my life, I will see
Em C G Dadd11But you still hurt me
Em C G Dadd11
Em C G Dadd11I can still see all your clothes thrown on the floor
Em C G Dadd11There are friends who never call me anymore
Em C G Dadd11I remember throwing out all of your things
Em C G Dadd11But I think I kept my ring
(Dadd11) C G Dadd11I'm not comfortable with how the story ends
Em C G Dadd11We were lovers and now we're not even friends
Em C G Dadd11You were perfect and I guess I'm just a creep
Em C G Dadd11 EmBut you still hurt me
Outro: C G Dadd11 Em If you want to use a ukulele these chords sounds great with Eu-tuning (ADF#B) Ukulele chords: G D A Bm G replaces the C
D replaces the GA replaces the Dadd11
Bm replaces the Em
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