William Fitzsimmons - Fade And Then Return chords

Artist: William FitzsimmonsSong: Fade and then ReturnAlbum: Gold in the Shadow (2011)tabbed by: necriononguitare-mail (NO SPAM!): tim.rathgen@gmx.de
REAL FANS SUPPORT BANDS BY PURCHASING THEIR CD'S!!! Tuning: Standard Capo 5 (chords are relative to the capo!) . = Palm-Muted ~ = hold note ^ = vibrate p = pull off h = hammer on / = slide up \ = slide down
Chords: C C/B A/D Em Em*E---7----7--------------7--------|B---8----8----7----8----8--------|G—-(0)--(0)---7—---9---(9)-------|D------------(0)-----------------|A--------------------------------|E---8----7----5----0----0--------|
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Tab: (get some reverb and other effects in this)E-------7-------------------7----------------------------------|B-----8---8------8--------8---8------8----------7--------------|G---------------------------------------------7---7-----7------|D--------------------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------|E---8---------8---------7---------7---------5--------5---------|
C C/B A/D Em C C/B A/D A/D C C/B A/D Em C I've been locked out for twenty years or so C/B A/D What is this sage on me now C C/B A/D Em C If memory serves then I should forget not C/B A/D This staring glass C C/B A/D Em C C/B A/D A/D * C C/B A/D Em C My leg's so frail like I havent stood in years C/B A/D This gate's so wrong C C/B A/D Em C I crawl towards you familiar I was where C/B A/D The name escapes me now C Em* A/D Fade and then return C Em* A/D Fade and then return C C/B A/D Em C Like babies breath I'm holding onto air C/B A/D My lung's a thief C C/B A/D Em C Should I know you a stranger though you seem C/B A/D You feel like home C C/B A/D Em C C/B A/D A/D C Em* A/D Fade and then return C Em* A/D Fade and then return C Em* A/D Fade and then return (Fade and then return) C Em* A/D Fade and then return (Fade and then return) C Em* A/D (What comes around) Fade and then return repeat then fade (then return)
* at about 1:00 theres a guitar/piano in the background playing this:E-------12---------15-14-------------------12---------------15-14----------|B------------------------15------------------------12-13-12-------15-------|G---12---------14------------14------12-11---------------------------14----|D--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------------|Dont forget thats it 5 frets higher! Kinda impossible to play acoustically.
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