William Shatner - Has Been chords

This is the Hilarious song "Has Been" from the Album "Has Been", produced by Ben Folds. Enjoy!

Capo 3rd fret  (Original Key: Gm)

Opening riff:--------|--------|--0-----|----4-2-|2-------|--------| x3 (together with the Chords)
C Am
EmHas Been
(With the opening):
C Am Em Has Been
You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You callin' me, has been? What'd you say your name is?
Never done jack Glad to meet ya Who's your friend?
Don't say dick
C G And you friend, what's your handle?
EmTwo thumbs Don
EmRiding on their armchairs
D/A EmThey dream of wealth and fame
GFear is their companion
EmNintendo is their game
C GNever done jack and two thumbs Don
AmAnd sidekick don't say dick
EmWe'll laugh at others failures
D EmThough they have not done shit
(with opening riff): I've heard of you
C AmThe ready-made connecting with the ever-ready
EmThe never was talking about still trying
I got it
C AmForever bitter gossiping about never say die
EmMay I inquire what you've been doing mister?
Never done Jack
EmAnd you partner, what's the News of the World, Dick?
I don't say dick
C G Am (Stop)Don, of all the people you must be the Tattler
Two thumbs up What are you afraid of?
So am I Has been implies failure Not so Has been is history
C Has been was
(with opening riff)
Am Has been might again
Em Tab by Tomer Navot
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