Williams Brooks – Seven Sisters tab

e: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 12:26:39 -0500
From: Helms 
Subject: CRD: "Seven Sisters" Brooks Williams

"Seven Sisters"
by Brooks Williams
transcribed by Bjart

Tuning: D G D G B D

Capo 4th fret

   B       F#       E7      Bsus4    C#m
 000000  0 0  0    0 0 0   0000 0   _    _
5        5       5    x   5    x   5    x
6        6 x x   6x x     6        6 xxx
7        7    x  7        7        7

Intro: |B|F#|E7|F#| repeat

B                     F#
 Seven sisters standing on the valley floor
E7                                F#
 Each one more beautiful than the one before
 Wandering in these mountains
 That the glaciers left behind
E7                           F#
 Seaching for a path I cannot find

Lost in the silence of spring-swollen creeks
I stumble upon a stonewall fenced in the trees
It's a remnant of the homestead
It's a chimney and a stair
The trees and the vines take back the land
As if no one were ever there

Bsus4          B               Bsus4       B
 The coyote's running again in these hills
Busus4                  B             Bsus4  B         
 The salmon's swimming again in the river
Bsus4               B                   Bsus4  B
 The trees are returning to the mountainside
 And if they can come back
F#                           B(into verse)
 Maybe there's hope for this man

Down in the streets they're selling lies
And preaching greed
They say "Hey, ya wanna buy happiness?
Well, this is what you need."
And I've been first in line
With my money in my hand
Eager to buy everything
Everything I can


 Rains come down, rivers flood

Water turns deep brown
Richer than blood, richer than blood
Richer than blood

Seven sisters the glaciers left behind
All of these years how could I be so blind?
Seven sisters standing on the valley floor
Each one more beautiful than the one before


Brooks' style is so unique, I'm not sure if I
got it all right. I can't seem to figure out
the various ornaments and riffs he uses.
Additions are more than welcome.
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