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Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 10:35:01 -0700
From: extex@iamerica.net (Paul Pfaffenberger)
Subject: Alleluia by Dar Williams

Alleluia	=09
by Dar Williams
"The Honesty Room"

  A                              D             E
Ron and Nancy got the house but Sid and Nancy rule
    A                               D            E
I died eight years ago I=92m still a legend at my high school
A                      D                  E
I stole a Chevy and I wrapped it round a tree
     A                              D             E
But that=92s ok cause no one=92s gonna make the next century
A                          D               E
I=92m up in heaven now,they say I=92m here to stay
           A                              F#m
Where the clouds are really puffy and the angels sing every day
 Bm   E   A  F#m   Bm   E   A  F#m    Bm   E   A  F#m    Bm E
 Al  le  lu  ia    Al  le  lu  ia      Al  le  lu  ia     Ahh

(same as above)
The cafeteria=92s got everything, it=92s gonna drive me mad
Cause it looks just like this big Hawaiin party that my mother had
It=92s like the worst Elvis film I=92ve ever seen
Technicolor luau all in Technicolor green
There=92s camping trips and donkey rides and singing round the fire
They signed me up for surfing but they can=92t get me in the choir
Alleluia    Alleluia    Alleluia

But there she was this morning getting fitted for her wings
Leather boots, magenta hair and saying nasty things
I=92d say she was an angel but it=92s stupid and it=92s obvious
I said you=92ll hate it here caused we=92re the only ones like us
It=92s crypto-fascist mania it=92s silicon deliria
Yeah she said, you=92re right, but I like the cafeteria

Hey God we=92re the bad kids, we=92re so nasty mean and vile
God looks like a guidance counselor, God=92s got that smile
God says how could this be, that=92s really odd
I=92ll guess I=92ll have to check my records,=20
Silly me you know I=92m only God
Alleluia    Alleluia    Alleluia

The waves are always perfect and the sun will always shine
but there=92s got to be more to death than surfing all the time
I know the signs of self destruction so I try to stop each new kid
Don=92t be like me forever young, forever stupid
And yeah I found love here, but I bet you=92ll find it there
Where they don=92t always make the same joke, gee you make a heavenly pair
Alleluia    Alleluia    Alleluia

Paul Pfaffenberger

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