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Date: Sat, 27 May 1995 14:24:36 -0100
From: dave.thompson@mps.org (David Thompson)

Well here goes (If this is wrong ---Send me (or the darlist)
------------------THIS WAS POMPEII-------------------------
------------Words and Music by Dar Williams------------------
-------CAPO 3rd/// Standard Tunning/// Fingerpicked----------
(x24030)I am thinking of the woman in a (x34030)century of peace
(x24030)on a bright mosaic, she is (x34030)washing on her knees.
And she (x24030)looks up at the black sky, be(x34030)yond the
mountain tall.
She says, "(3x24030)oh good, the rain is (004030)finally going
to (x02010)fall."
(x20010)To (x32010) day(x54030), (x35500)this (x05500)was
Pom((3x5500) (205503))peii. (x05503) (x05502) (x05500)

And (x24030)everyone has memories from the (x34030)night
that melted stone.
The (x24030)neighbor's nightgown, the (x34030)screaming on
the phone.
And the (x24030)tired man at the station says,
"we (x34030)can't tell who's alive.
(3x24030)All we ever know is that the (004030)tourists
(x20010)Tra la, tra la, they (x32010)say, they (x54030)say,
(x35500)let's (x05500)go,
Pom((3x5500) (205503))peii. (x05503) (x05502) (x05500)

And I (x24030)think about Pompeii when I (x34030)feel
an end is near,
Just (x24030)before the rain and every (x34030)time
you disappear.
And I (x24030)think about a teacup, (x34030)suspended and
half served.
(3x24030)All the scholars know is that it's (004030)perfectly
(x20010)Oh, that's all, they (x32010)say (x54030), (x35500)this
Pom((3x5500) (205503))peii. (x05503) (x05502) (x05500)

And (x24030)as for my own kingdom, not a (x34030)table
leg was charred.
I (x24030)simply lost my kingdom 'cause I (x34030)held it
much to hard.
And (x24030)once I had a sadness, the (x34030)sadness turned
to trust.
(3x24030)The trust turned into ashes, and to (004030)lawyers,
and to (x02010)dust.
(x20010)A century, a (x32010)day. (x54030), (x35500)this
Pom((3x5500) (205503))peii. (x05503) (x05502) (x05500)
Peace man cool
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