Williams Hank – Lovesick Blues tab

Lovesick Blues by Hank Williams Sr.
Key of Cmaj
Tabbed by Mike Benson
Note: I like to strum this song using a swing rhythm and while doing that using my thumb 
make a bass line either sol(5) up to do(1) or do(1) down to fa(4) creating this kind of 
shuffle.  It makes your strumming a little more interesting.

Intro: Fmaj,Cmaj,Fmaj,Cmaj

Verse: Fmaj I've gotta a feelin' called the blues, oh lord since C/G my baby said goodbye. Lord I don't I don't know what I'll do. Fmaj(quick release) All I do is sit and sigh, oh lord
Transition to Ebmaje|--------|B|--------|G|--------|D|--------|A|----0-1-|E|1-3-----|
Ebmaj Fmaj Dm That last long day she said goodbye, well lord I thought I would cry Gmaj She'll do me, She'll do you she's got that kind of lovin' Cmaj Fmaj(quick release) Lord I love to hear her when she calls me sweet daddy C/G Such a beautiful dream. I hate to think it all over. Amaj Ebmaj I've lost my heart it seems. I've grown so used to you somehow, well I'm Fmaj Dm Gmaj nobody's sugardaddy now and I'm lonesome C/G Fmaj I've got the lovesick blues. Bridge: Amaj Well I'm in love I'm love with a beautiful gal. Fmaj Dm That's what's the matter with me. Amaj I'm in love I'm in love with a beautiful gal, Gmaj C/G but She don't care about me. C/G Lord I've tried and I've tried to keep her satisfied, Fmaj Dm but she just wouldn't stay. Gmaj So now that she is a leavin' C/G this is all I can say... (play through verse once more)
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