Willie Nelson - You Remain chords

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Artist:  **** WILLIE NELSON ****
Song: You Remain (featuring Bonnie Raitt)
Album: The Great Divide
Year:  2002
Credits:  Written by David Poythress
Transcribed by:  Pissy Von Pissant (quidlum@hotmail.com), Canada

Here's a great little simple song.  That being said, I hope I got a chorus
right!  Great Album...  enjoy and make comments to email above.

C G CWhat do you do with the sounds of time
Am C GWhen they carve out lines around your eyes
Am C FI can close my fist up good and tight
G CBut I can't hold back the sands of time
C G CWhat do you do with a memory
Am C GThat just hangs around and stares at me
Am C FI can tear that frame down off the wall
G CBut it won't erase the things I saw
Am G Night and Day
Am Night and Day
C Am You Remain
G F You Remain
What do you do with old regrets There's a boxfull underneath the bed Just close enough not to forget But what do you do with old regrets There's an old house key in the kitchen drawer To a door I can not lock no more Sometimes I hold that key real tight But what do you do after goodbye Chorus x 2 Instrumental
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