Willie Nelson - Me And Paul chords version 1

me and paul
Willie Nelson

D It's been rough and rocky traveling, but I'm finally standing upright on
the ground. After taking several readings, I'm surprised to find my mind's
D7 G still fairly sound, I guess Nashville was the roughest, but I know I
A7 said the same about them all, We received our education in the cities of
D the nation, me and Paul.
D Almost busted in Laredo, but for reasons that I'd rather not disclose,
but if you're staying in a motel there and leave, justdon't leave nothing in
D7 G your clothes, and at the airport in Milwaukee, they refused to let us
A7 board the plane at all, they said we looked Suspicious, but I believe
D they liked to pick on me and Paul.
Repeat Verse 1
D On a package show in Buffalo, with us and Kitty Wells and Charlie Pride,
the show was going long and we were just sitting there, and we'd come to
D7 G play and not just for the ride, well we drank an lot of whiskey, so I
A7 don't know if we went on that night at all, I guess Buffalo ain't geared
for me and Paul Repeat Verse 1
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