Willie Nelson – Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain chords

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain 

One of Willie Nelson's best

This is the "easy-solo" version

E bass run A Bb BIn the twilight glow I see,
B EBlue eyes cryin' in the rain
E bass run A Bb BWhen we kissed good-bye and parted
B E bass run E F F# Ab AI knew we'd never meet again
A bass run A Ab F# E Love is like a dying ember
E B7 bass run B A Ab F#Only memories remain
E And through the ages I'll remember
B7 EBlue eyes crying in the rain
Instrumental: (play the A2D2 notes quickly after eachother)e|--------------------------------------|------------------------|B|--------------------------------------|------------------------|G|-------1---1-1-2-1-----1-1h2--1-------|---1------1-2-1---------|D|---2-4--------------2-4---------4p2---|--2-4--2-4-----4-2------|A|-2-----------------2----------------2-|-2----------------------|E|--------------------------------------|------------------------|
A bass run A Ab F# ESomeday when we meet up yonder
E B7 bass run B A Ab F#We'll stroll hand in hand again
E In the land that knows no parting
B7 EBlue eyes crying in the rain.
B7 A A/Ab A/F# E Esus4 EBlue eyes crying in the rain.
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